Discover some of Earth’s most biodiverse marine ecosystems, many of which have been designated as ‘Hope Spots’ by Mission Blue. Perhaps embark on a wreck dive, encounter majestic marine wildlife including dugong, sea turtles and whale shark, and marvel at spectacularly-shaped and brightly-coloured coral. Buddy up and be part of a small group of up to 8 divers to experience the magnificent underwater world that few others get to see.

Our Guides

Our team of experienced dive guides have over 20 years’’ diving experience and provide divers with detailed briefings and best practice procedures to ensure a safe diving experience. Your dive master will ensure Standard Safety Diving Practices are adhered to at all times.

How to Book

Please return the scuba diving activity form at time of booking. If you have any queries regarding our scuba diving option, please contact our friendly Expeditions Experts or your preferred travel advisor for more information.

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Expert Guides

Peter Szyszka

Snorkelling & Diving Supervisor

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Edwin Sargeant

Snorkelling & Diving Guide

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