You don’t need to be a young athlete to experience Antarctica, anyone who is reasonably fit and healthy can make the journey. Aurora Expeditions caters for a wide range of travellers and age groups and allows each of our passengers decide what they can and can’t achieve.

Each passenger is given the flexibility and freedom to participate in whichever activity they choose. Less mobile clients are given the choice to land or not, and our team are always ready and willing to share an arm to lean on.

For landings, you should be confident on your feet and will be required to make your way up and down the ship’s gangway (equivalent to a steep set of stairs), get in and out of a Zodiac (see Zodiac Cruising), and walk across wet, snowy and/or rocky terrains.

If you’re still in doubt, our Expedition Experts are happy to assist in helping you decide if a trip to Antarctica is for you. Contact us here.

Age Limits

The minimum age for children on our voyages is 8. Any person under 18 years of age must travel with their legal guardian.

Conversely, we have welcomed travellers onboard up to age 92. As long as you have a thirst for adventure and a sufficient level of fitness, you’re welcome to join us in Antarctica.

Medical Form

It is compulsory for each passenger to return a signed medical from their general practitioner. Your Medical Form is required to be signed by your general practitioner and returned to Aurora Expeditions no later than three months and no earlier than six months before your voyage departure date.

If you become aware of any change in your health and fitness that may be likely to affect your participation on the trip (e.g. pregnancy, mental illness, heart or bronchial disorder, broken limbs, etc.), you should notify us in writing immediately.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

It is your responsibility to advise Aurora Expeditions of any pre-existing medical conditions and /or disability that might reasonably be expected to increase the risk of you requiring medical attention. Travelling when pregnant is not recommended.