The majority of the Kimberley’s flora is part of open savannah woodland that encircles Kimberley’s sandstone gorges and beautifully surrounds the coast.

The most abundant trees in Kimberley include the iconic Boabs and low Corymbia (also known as Bloodwood) trees. Eucalyptus trees can be found in abundance around the Kimberley’s wetlands and estuaries also.

Ord Valley, the Kimberley’s most fertile area, is home to grassland with numerous grass species and a spectacular variety of vegetation that grows alongside the banks of Ord River.

Numerous plant species found in the Kimberley’s sandstone gorges and in remote pockets along the coast were unknown to botanists until very recently, and scientists believe that the land still has quite a few more botanical secrets to uncover.

Several sheltered sandstone gorges in the north of the Kimberley house rare patches of monsoon forests thanks to their high rainfall. These rare and unique spots of tropical forest are among the most florally rich and diverse parts of Australia.