Experience the unparalleled beauty and wildlife of Antarctica like never before. Dive into the pristine waters and witness the incredible agility of penguins as they glide in and out of the ice. Be captivated by the stunning, sculpted icebergs beneath the surface, and encounter a diverse marine ecosystem, including crustaceans, isopods, starfish, and nudibranchs.

Vantage Explorations, known for pushing boundaries, introduced Antarctic snorkeling adventures in 2014. This extraordinary opportunity offers a fresh perspective on these remarkable destinations, allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of wildlife and landscapes found nowhere else on Earth. Our expert polar diving guides will lead you, equipped with top-of-the-line gear, including drysuits, gloves, hoods, fins, masks, and snorkels.

We provide comprehensive training and all the necessary equipment, enabling you to explore Antarctica from a truly unique angle. Weather permitting, you’ll have the chance to snorkel daily, uncovering the hidden treasures of sheltered bays, offshore islands, and secluded shipwrecks, creating unforgettable moments of wildlife discovery.

Polar Snorkeling

Through crystal clear waters, you’ll discover the amazing mobility and speed of penguins entering and exiting from the ice, marvel at beautiful sculpted icebergs below the water and witness marine life such as crustaceans, isopods, starfish and nudibranchs!

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Temperate Snorkeling

Discover a mysterious kelp forest where timid creatures seek refuge, encounter curious sea otters or if you’re very lucky, hold your breath in the presence of a majestic whale.


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Tropical Snorkeling

Snorkel among a kaleidoscope of coral reefs brimming with brightly-colored tropical fish or perhaps swim with curious sea lions.

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Our Guides

Our team of experienced guides have over 20 years’ experience and provide snorkelers with detailed briefings and best practice procedures to ensure a safe snorkeling experience.

Group Size

Polar snorkeling requires at least 6 snorkelers for the activity to proceed. Please ask our team for numbers at time of booking.

How to Book

Please return the polar snorkeling activity form at the time of booking. Simply inform our Expedition Experts at time of booking that you would like to include the optional snorkeling activity to your expedition. Places are limited.

Polar Snorkeling Form


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Expert Guides

Peter Szyszka

Snorkelling & Diving Supervisor

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Edwin Sargeant

Snorkelling & Diving Guide

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