Panama stands as a true biological marvel, characterized by its lush tropical landscapes that host an astonishing array of diverse and exotic plant and animal species. This vibrant country boasts vast rainforests, mangrove wetlands, and mountainous cloud forests that blanket nearly half of its land. Moreover, Panama plays a pivotal role as part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, a biological highway facilitating the exchange of plants and animals between North and South America. Within its compact borders, Panama shelters around 1,200 orchid varieties and nearly 1,000 indigenous bird species, all within an area approximately the size of Scotland.
While Panama is renowned for its engineering feat, the Panama Canal, which allows ships to transit between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in just around 10 hours, compared to the two weeks it once took to navigate the perilous seas around South America’s Cape Horn. Over a million visitors come to witness the canal’s locks in action each year, and crossing the canal, whether partially or entirely, ranks high on many travelers’ bucket lists. Join us on our inaugural Costa Rica & The Panama Canal voyage and experience an unforgettable daylight crossing from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea through this iconic waterway.