Our new Arctic & Beyond 2025 season is full of life changing adventures across the wildest and most remote destinations on the planet. For travelers interested in exploring different regions, destinations or activities in a single journey, you can embark on an Ultimate Adventure which is comprised of consecutive voyages to maximize your exploration time and enable you to immerse yourself in a broader range of destinations and experiences.

What are you waiting for? Explore our seven new Ultimate Adventure itineraries below! 

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Explore More

Immerse yourself in a broader range of destinations on one incredible journey.

Maximise Your Time

Maximise your time in some of the wildest and most remote places in the world.

Ultimate Value

These unique adventures offer the ultimate in value.

Attractive Rates

Unlock significantly better rates than by booking the voyages individually.

Unique Activities

Try your hand at a range of different activities and have a broader range of experiences.

Enhanced Enrichment

Enjoy additional enrichment experiences on select itineraries.


Explore more remote destinations than ever, gaining a unique perspective.

Make friends

More time means more opportunities to make lifelong friendships with like-minded adventurers.

Wild Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

Combines 'Jewels of the Arctic' + 'Iceland's Westfjords and North Coast'
20 Days | Expedition

You will explore the High Arctic in Spitsbergen, searching for Svalbard’s wildlife, before exploring the east coast of Greenland, visiting Ittoqqortoormiit, one of the world’s remotest Inuit towns. Cross the Arctic Circle to discover the diverse scenery of Iceland. Visit powerful waterfalls, hike along ridges overlooking fjords and keep your eyes peeled for whales and Atlantic puffins.


  • Marvel at thundering waterfalls, lava fields and landscape shaped by volcanic activity in Iceland
  • Visit the world’s largest fjord system, Scoresbysund

Iceland & Greenland: Following Erik the Red

Combines 'Iceland's Westfjords and North Coast' + 'Southern Greenland: On the Trail of Vikings' 21 Days | Expedition

Explore Iceland’s Westfjords and north coast, one of the remotest and most pristine regions in Iceland. Atlantic puffins can be found in large numbers here, so we hope to encounter these delightful creatures as often as possible. In south Greenland, sail along Prince Christian Sound, flanked by imposing mountains. Green pastures herald where the Viking ruins of Erik the Red still stand at Hvalsey.


  • Enjoy thrilling Zodiac cruises to glacier fronts and watch for tail flukes of diving whales
  • Discover Nuuk, the world’s northernmost capital

Arctic Wonders: Iceland & Spitsbergen

Combines 'Iceland: Circumnavigating the Land of Fire and Ice' + 'Spitsbergen: Realm of the Ice Bear' | 23 Days | Discovery + Expedition

Combining two of the world’s most beguiling islands, this voyage showcases the best of Iceland and Spitsbergen, both carved and sculpted by ice and fire. After circumnavigating Iceland, having experienced fields emitting steam, sparkling black-sand beaches, and young islands recently rising from the ocean, you will venture to Spitsbergen, the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago, located in the High Arctic. Sail deep into fjords flanked by towering mountains, in a land ruled by the formidable polar bear, where kittiwakes and guillemots nest in high cliffs away from the hungry jaws of arctic fox.


  • Be in awe of Spitsbergen’s dazzling beauty, a frozen landscape that echoes the rumble of calving glaciers
  • Witness the remarkable diversity of Iceland’s landscapes, from geysers and fumaroles, to lush green cliffs where puffins nest in burrows

Arctic Complete - Svalbard & Greenland

Combines 'Svalbard Odyssey' + 'Jewels of the Arctic'
From 24 Days | Expedition

Combining a deep exploration of Svalbard with Greenland’s remote east coast, Arctic Complete offers an unforgettable Arctic adventure. From Reykjavik, we cross the Greenland Sea to discover the world’s largest national park, and the world’s largest fjord system at Scoresbysund. High above the Arctic Circle, discover Svalbard’s glaciers and abandoned settlements before heading north into the pack ice in search of polar bears and walrus.


  • Sail past Spitsbergen’s sheltered waterways and fjords
  • Delight in a variety of diverse terrain: ice caps, polar desert, alpine ranges and colourful tundra
  • Venture close to 80° north looking for polar bears

Greenland in Depth

Combines 'Southern Greenland: On the Trail of Vikings' + 'Wild Landscapes of West Greenland'
26 Days | Expedition

In southern Greenland, sail along Prince Christian Sound, flanked by imposing mountains. Green pastures signal the presence of human settlement and the Viking ruins of Erik the Red, which still stand at Hvalsey. Discover Nuuk, the northernmost capital in the world. We push through the sea ice to venture north to explore hidden bays harbouring icebergs calved from Greenland’s enormous ice sheet, and where whales may shelter.


  • Witness the remarkable geology on Disko Island, featuring some of the oldest geological features
  • In true expedition style, we forge as far north as possible along Greenland’s west coast

Northern Isles: Scotland & Iceland

Combines 'Wild Scotland' + 'Iceland: Circumnavigating the Land of Fire & Ice'
26 Days | Discovery + Expedition

Discover the wild isles of Scotland, from the windswept Hebrides, to the verdant Orkney Islands where ancient Neolithic and Viking sites conjure images of civilisations long gone. Continue your discovery of Viking history and culture in Iceland, home to some of the most dramatic and diverse landscapes on earth. We attempt a circumnavigation of the mythical island, hoping to encounter whales and puffins, and see islands newly formed from volcanic activity.


  • Visit Britain’s highest sea cliffs at St Kilda – a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Witness the incredible diversity of Iceland’s landscapes
    forged by powerful seismic activity

Arctic Cultures & Wilderness

Combines 'Jewels of the Arctic' + 'Greenland Odyssey'
30 Days | Expedition

Be on the lookout for Svalbard’s enigmatic wildlife before exploring the east coast of Greenland, a land of grand superlatives. Hike among colourful arctic tundra and encounter some of the most remarkable, colourful geology you will ever see. Sail Prince Christian Sound in south Greenland, home to the Viking ruins of Erik the Red. In the west, stand in awe at Ilulissat’s icefjord, a parking lot for enormous icebergs calved from the largest ice sheet in the Northern Hemisphere.


  • Search for arctic wildlife, including musk oxen, polar bears, arctic fox and arctic hare
  • Visit Ittoqqortoormiit, one of the world’s most remote Inuit towns

Antarctica & Patagonia Explorer

Combines 'Antarctic Explorer' + 'Patagonia & Chilean Fjords'
25 Days | Expedition

Start your journey with a flight to the South Shetland Islands and explore what wonders are on offer in the late summer season. Delight in the plentiful numbers of whales gathering in the icy sounds and spot inquisitive penguin fledgings taking their first tentative steps into the sea. Then continue your adventure northwards through the stunning Chilean Fjords. As you pass craggy peaks, snow-covered mountains and waterfalls, spot the vast array mammals and birdlife that call this region home.


  • Combine the grandeur of Antarctica with the calm beauty of the Chilean Fjords
  • Late season is the perfect time to bear witness to the sheer number of whales congregating in the region

Trails of Antarctica & Patagonia

Combines an Antarctic Expedition + 'Patagonia Discovery Trek'
From 23 Days | Expedition + Trek

Adventure lovers can aim to tick two boxes off their bucket list with this unique expedition combining an Antarctic voyage with a trek through Chile and Argentina’s Patagonian region. In Antarctica witness spectacular, towering cliffs and glittering icebergs, see playful penguins and ice seals such as leopard and crabeater seals resting on ice floes. Then shake off your sea legs with a trek, focusing on the natural wonder and stunning sights of Los Glaciares National Park and Torres del Paine National Park.


  • Marvel at some of the most dazzling icy landscapes on the peninsula
  • Sit mesmerised by Nordenskjöld Lake, just one of the many azure lakes visited during the trek portion