Camping, a highly sought-after experience, provides you with a remarkable chance to unroll your sleeping mat and nestle into your cozy thermal sleeping bag for a night on the ice – and you don’t need any prior camping experience! As you get comfortable, get ready to behold the mesmerizing Antarctic night sky and listen to the distant echoes of ice shifting, while wildlife continues their bustling routines around you. This adventure is the key to earning ultimate bragging rights!


How will I stay warm?

Your expedition team will advise you on the appropriate clothing to wear ashore and will provide you with a mat and thermal sleeping bag for your night out on the ice.

Is it safe?

Yes, we’ve taken hundreds of adventurous souls out overnight and our expert expedition team know where to find the best spots for your camping experience.

Will I sleep much?

Possibly not! Many passengers don’t camp out to sleep – they’re there to soak in the amazing surrounds, witness incredible vistas and enjoy the sounds of nearby penguin colonies and possibly even a calving glacier. We’ll do our best to make sure you get the chance for a cat nap the next day.

Will I get the chance to sleep under the stars?

Our camping trips take place in the middle of the Austral summer, and on the Antarctic Peninsula we’ll be experiencing almost 24 hours of daylight. This means that instead of a starry night, you’ll instead be treated to an extended sunset and sunrise as the sun briefly dips below the horizon, filling the sky with an endless palette of colours.

What should I bring?

Aurora Expeditions provides all the necessary equipment including a camping mat and thermal sleeping bag, so you only need to bring yourself. Please note: we don’t use tents for our camping experience. We believe that the experience is best enjoyed without blocking the amazing surrounds we’ve come to admire.

How do I book?

Camping is subject to weather, time and operational conditions. Places are limited to 40 campers on a first-come first-served basis, so early booking is encouraged. This activity will only be offered on board if there is still availability at the time of embarkation. If you are interested in our camping activity, please return the form below at time of booking.

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