All you need is to be a competent swimmer and to have a sense of curiosity and wonder to enjoy this fun activity – we will provide the mask, snorkel, fins. In some of the warm climate destinations that we explore, you will enjoy aquatic scenes usually reserved for privileged and experienced divers. Snorkel among a kaleidoscope of coral reefs brimming with brightly-coloured tropical fish and perhaps swim with curious sea lions.

Our Guides

Our team of experienced guides have over 20 years’ experience and provide snorkellers with detailed briefings and best practice procedures to ensure a safe snorkelling experience.

How to Book

Simply inform our Expedition Team on board if you would like to join the optional snorkelling activity.

Tropical Snorkelling Flyer

Expert Guides

Peter Szyszka

Snorkelling & Diving Supervisor

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Edwin Sargeant

Snorkelling & Diving Guide

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