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Our recently expanded schedule unveils a rich assortment of Expedition and Discovery voyages, as well as thrilling Trekking adventures, all enhanced by special guest appearances who will unravel the natural wonders of polar regions and beyond. We’ve made it even simpler for you to tailor your adventure with Vantage Explorations.

On our purpose-built small ships, our Discovery voyages immerse you in the heart of nature, brimming with excursions, guided hikes led by our seasoned  Expedition Team and a collection of distinctive activities designed to elevate your experience. These itineraries are carefully crafted to embody the true spirit of adventure, offering cultural encounters and opportunities to delve into history. Throughout your journey, our Expedition Team will stand by your side, enhancing your experience with captivating presentations and insights into the remarkable places you’ll explore.

Our Discovery voyages bring you to a mix of lesser-known and more frequented areas, and at times, take you completely off the beaten path. We want your disembarkation to leave you richer in knowledge and a deeper understanding of our planet than when you first stepped aboard.

During Discovery voyages, we encourage you to embrace every shore landing, Zodiac cruise, guided hike, and cultural experience, enabling you to make the most of your time in the pristine environments and historically significant sites we visit. To enrich your journey further, choose from a selection of add-on activities, including sea kayaking and diving.

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Life Changing Arctic & Beyond 2023-24

Explore our brand-new Arctic & Global 2024 season, full of life changing adventures across the wildest and most remote destinations around the globe.  

Featuring 15 departures exploring the Arctic and 3 voyages to our global destinations.

Dive into our comprehensive 112-page brochure and find your next life-changing adventure.