Don Maruska

Entrepreneur, Author & Climate Solver

Don encourages people around world to take climate action and to have fun while doing it. Since 2003, he has brought together people from scientific, environmental, business, government and community organisations to boost awareness, actions, and advocacy for stewardship of natural resources.

Don was the first in his family to attend college and earned his BA in government from Harvard University and an MBA and JD from Stanford University. Earlier in his career, he founded three Silicon Valley companies and earned a National Innovator Award. Now, he’s a Master Certified Coach who helps others succeed. He has appeared on over 30 radio and TV stations and authored many books including “How Great Decisions Get Made” and “Solve Climate Change Now: Do What You Love for a Healthy Planet”, which shares practical and fun ways to take action for a healthy climate.

Don loves grassroots actions, thriving on helping businesses, communities and faith-based groups develop strategies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. His message is simple: “Don’t despair about climate change, and don’t wait for someone else to act!” He believes that by enlisting more people, we can bend the curve on climate change, and offers a proven attraction model for engaging yourself and others.

Join Don on Spirit of Antarctica (ANP162S), departing 11 December 2023.