Hosted by our expert storytellers and exploration team, our handcrafted onshore and onboard experiences immerse us in the myriad of adventures waiting to be discovered across Europe. Each journey follows a crafted theme, unveiling hidden histories, sharing intriguing secrets and spinning enthralling tales that enrich our European travels. 

Our ‘Your Choice’ curated excursions and enrichment program are included. They offer you a choice of experiences, designed to surpass your expectations and bring cruising to a whole new level. 

Our limited passenger numbers foster a uniquely intimate and relaxed atmosphere onboard, and onshore, while our ship provides us with a convenient ‘base camp’, indulging our travel senses with a full enrichment program. From immersive evenings ashore to engaging onboard guests and social events, every aspect of your journey is curated to provide enjoyment, whilst our ‘Your Choice’ experiences offer the freedom to tailor each day to your personal interests.