Wildlife Watching

Our vessels are meticulously crafted to foster a deep connection with the natural world.

On all our ships, there are abundant opportunities to observe avian species, witness wildlife in action, or simply savor the untamed beauty of the landscapes.

Multiple viewpoints around the ship

As you explore our ships you will find indoor lounge areas with floor-to ceiling windows and panoramic views, and multiple open decks with expansive 270-360 degree views. There is no shortage of spaces to take in the majesty of the incredible world outside! 

Vantage Explorations also has an open bridge policy,* which means you can head up to the bridge at most times throughout your voyage. Get a captain’s-eye view of the vessel and take a look at the futuristic navigational equipment, gaining an insight into the inner workings of our ships.

*The bridge may be closed at times, for safety reasons, and is open at the captain’s discretion. 

Hydraulic viewing platforms

Hydraulic viewing platforms

In addition to on board observation areas, the Greg Mortimer features two unique hydraulic viewing platforms, which fold out for unobstructed views of passing marine life and seabirds. These platforms are used during gentle ship cruising when weather conditions allow and when the ship.

Greg Mortimer only

Glass atrium lounge

With huge windows and superb views to the front of the ship, this lounge over two levels on the Sylvia Earle is the perfect place to sit with a warm drink and watch for wildlife or admire the impressive scenery.

Sylvia Earle only


Sylvia Earle Library, Benjamin Tan and Masano Kawana
Observation Lounge - Greg Mortimer

Observation lounges

Our panoramic observation lounges mean that you can enjoy sweeping views whilst sitting inside with a cup of coffee or tea in hand.

Enjoy a selection of wildlife guidebooks available to read or borrow the binoculars and keep an eye out for whales!

Large, floor-to-ceiling windows

Wherever you are in our ship, whether it be in the sauna, in our dining room or the main bar, enjoy large windows and excellent vantage points throughout our ships.