Special Guests

With education and enrichment at the heart of the way we explore, it’s our pleasure to share our Special Guests Program that features experts in the fields of exploration, conservation, science, photography, art, culture and more to enrich your expedition with their unique perspectives, insights, and experiences.

We want to you to be inspired and connect more deeply to the places you visit, wildlife you encounter, and people on your expedition, so that you when you disembark, you are richer in your knowledge and understanding of our planet than you were when you stepped onboard.

See who is joining us below.

Antarctic Expeditions

Richard Morecroft

Artist, Broadcaster & Photographer

Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula FSP004G

Gina Chick

Adventurer, Writer & Rewilding Facilitator

Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula FSP004G

Arctic Expeditions

Richard I'Anson