Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or simply seeking inspiration, Europe’s UNESCO-listed sites have something for everyone. Since its inception in 1945, UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) has listed 1,199 World Heritage Sites, across 168 countries worldwide*. It aims to safeguard these invaluable treasures from destructive influences while promoting sustainable tourism. With UNESCO’s assistance and aid, many nations can now preserve and care for these unique sites through low-impact conservation using traditional and sustainable development practices.

From ancient wonders to stunning landscapes, abandoned ruins and reconstructed villages, our journey often leads us to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Whether exploring the temples of Athen’s Acropolis or Granada’s Alhambra, the rugged seafront villages of Italy’s Cinque Terre or the Romanesque theatre of Arles and Lisbon’s Tower of Belem or the medina of Tetouan, we ask you to join us in preserving and celebrating the world’s most treasured sites.

* this figure may change as new sites are listed

Here are some examples of UNESCO treasures you may see…

A day exploring Lisbon – The Tower of Belem

A Mediterranean Feast

We disembark and take a locally guided tour of Lisbon. The city’s story unfolds as we visit the suburb of Belem and the Monastery of Jerónimos to hear more of Vasco de Gamas’ adventures; the waterfront memorial of Monumento das descobertas, honoring Prince Henri the Navigator and his fellow explorers; and the Torre de Belém – the 16th century fortification which acted as the gateway to Lisbon for all seafarers. This insightful tour tells tales of exploration, colonization and devastation wrapped together by the history of a city whose influence has shaped much of our modern-day world.

San Gimignano

The ‘Rivieras’: A Mediterranean Masterpiece

When filmmakers look to Italy for locations, they need look no further than the Tuscan gem of San Gimignano. Tea with Mussolini, A Portrait of a Woman, Gladiator, Life is Beautiful, The English Patient and Under the Tuscan Sun all shot scenes here. San Gimignano itself is a work of art. The town’s medieval architecture serves as a backdrop for everything Tuscan, with artisan shopfronts displaying everything that is superb about Italian food and cafes offering everything that is wonderous about Italian cuisine. Even its streets and cobbled stone alleys wind in a way that makes every corner worthy of exploration. And did we mention its towers. For it is the town’s 14 remaining Medieval towers which proudly rise above its skyline as palaces preserving the towns feudal appearance which confirm San Gimignano as the supermodel of Tuscan towns. 

A day in Valletta

Italy with Sicily and Malta: Echoes of the Empires

In the realm of Mediterranean real estate, Malta stands out with its prime location. While it offers a sun-soaked island lifestyle, its historical significance in defense is equally remarkable. Despite numerous invasions, the resilient Maltese people have fiercely defended their homeland, earning accolades like the George Cross for their valor during World War II. Our day begins in Valletta, Malta’s vibrant capital, steeped in history and tales of bravery. We explore its streets, visit the Barrakka Gardens for panoramic views, and delve into the Grand Masters Palace and Armory. The Malta Experience multimedia show provides a comprehensive overview of the island’s rich heritage. After leisure time in Valletta, we gather for an evening event, where we pay tribute to Malta’s courage with firsthand accounts from a local expert, honoring their indomitable spirit in the face of adversity.