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Discover our expanded schedule featuring a diverse array of Expedition and Discovery voyages, Trekking adventures and the company of special guests ready to unveil the wonders of polar regions and more. Selecting your preferred style of adventure with Vantage Explorations has never been easier.

With over three decades of expertise, our Expedition Teams have been imparting their knowledge about the world’s most remote and pristine destinations, spanning  Antarctica, the Arctic and beyond. We prioritize the experience over a fixed itinerary, allowing our purpose-built small ships, versatile Zodiacs and immersive activities to lead you into uncharted territories. If you seek to witness the extraordinary, you must venture to places you’ve never been before.

Expeditions remain inherently unpredictable, guided by nature’s whims – be it weather conditions, tides, or ice formations, all informed by our team’s extensive local wisdom. Each day, your Expedition Team crafts a bespoke plan, optimizing experiences for everyone on board. This flexibility yields unparalleled rewards, enabling us to pause for inspiring wildlife encounters, marvel at glacier calving spectacles, or extend stays in serene locations for moments of profound solitude.

We chase the sun, altering our course when a polar bear graces our sight, making impromptu landings on remote beaches to commune with penguin colonies or seizing the opportunity of clear skies to summit mountains for unbeatable photography experiences. Your dedicated Expedition Team remains your constant companion, enhancing your voyage with captivating presentations and insights into the remarkable places you explore.

Expedition cruising unites those with a thirst for knowledge, an adventurous spirit, and a yearning to embrace the natural world. We encourage you to seize every opportunity and nurture your inner adventurer. To enrich your experience in these wild and remote destinations, choose from a range of add-on activities, including sea kayaking, snorkelling and diving.

Expeditions in Antarctica

Expeditions in the Arctic & Beyond