Exploring Europe is akin to flipping through the pages of history, where each chapter unfolds in real time before your eyes. At every turn, historical landmarks stand side by side with modern marvels, while cobblestone streets of medieval towns lead to bustling city centers adorned with contemporary architecture and sleek glass-fronted skyscrapers.

In Europe, a house isn’t simply a building, a church isn’t simply a place of worship. Every site inspires a question. The grandeur of Gothic cathedrals asks us why the impoverished population donated all their worth to have it built. Roman engineering makes us wonder whether our current stadiums, waterways, and entertainment quarters will stand the test of time against ancient coliseums, aqueducts, and theatres. Renaissance-inspired marble sculptures stand as their era’s dynastic propaganda. Were they an inspiration for today’s vibrant street art reflecting the spirit of modern-day activism?

Our ‘Your Choice’ experiences, and included locally guided tours, strive to interpret this conundrum. A tale of two worlds – the past and present, intertwine as we visit ancient sites, Moorish citadels, Medieval villages, Norman inspired towns, Victorian designed boulevards and much more. Each with its own fascinating story to tell as a testament to the passage of time.

Here are some examples of our historical focused ‘Your Choice’ experiences for you to explore.

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius

Italy with Sicily and Malta: Echoes of the Empires

Known to the Neapolitans simply as ‘him’, Mount Vesuvius towers over the surrounding fertile plains at 13,779 feet (4,200 meters). He has been quiet of late, but it was a different story in 79 BCE, when lava and ash vomited forth engulfing the city of Pompeii. Albeit a tragedy, the excavation of these extensive sites reveals treasure for travelers. Physical evidence of the city’s final dramatic moments, preserved forever amongst the volcanic ash, speak louder than words. Each tells a tale of intrigue, returned to life by the ruins and remains, of these Roman cities. Our guided tour is amongst one of the most intriguing in world history.  

Granada – Alhambra and Generalife

Spain and Morocco: Moor than a Myth

Granada stands as a testament to the clash of civilizations between the Moors and the Christian monarchy, with monuments scattered throughout the city reflecting their respective legacies. At the heart of it all lies the iconic Alhambra, adorned with verses from the Qur’an and intricate Moorish craftsmanship. This architectural marvel embodies the cultural fusion and religious fervor of its time, with its exquisite masonry, wooden calligraphy, and ceramic tiles. The Alhambra’s clever engineering, including its intricate water features, adds to its allure, while the addition of the Christian palace of Charles V atop its ramparts symbolizes the tumultuous history of La Reconquista. As we explore this historic landmark, we’re transported back to an era of power struggles and dominance, epitomized by the reign of Charles V, who left his mark on the world with his grandiose ambitions.

Agrigento – The Valley of the Temples

Italy with Sicily and Malta: Echoes of the Empires

A highlight of any visit to Sicily, Agrigento, or the Valley of the Temples as it is known, is an archaeological gem. The site brings to life the stories of the people who lived, loved and died here, dating as far back as the 6th century BCE. ‘One of the wealthiest colonies in Greece’, the city thrived around 2,500 years ago, with an economy based on produce from the rich surrounding land and the trade routes from Greece. Its impressive remains attract travelers from throughout the world.