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Lisbon to Amsterdam: Spring Fling

Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands
Experience Europe’s favorite season as we celebrate everything spring. From the first shoots on the vines to tulips in full bloom and poppies in the fields of Flanders, spring is in the air as we journey from Lisbon to Amsterdam.
ICELAND_A Siesmic wonder

Iceland: A Seismic Wonder

Icelands Western and Northern fjords
The world’s most unique island nation invites you to an unequaled seismic adventure.
Canary Islands to Lisbon- The Sands of Time

Canary Islands to Lisbon: The Sands of Time

Canary Islands, Morocco, Gibraltar, Spain, Portugal
Reflect on the human stories behind historical events, as we bear witness to the battles, trade, and explorations which shaped this region’s collective heritage.
Fleadh Ennis musicians © Tourism Ireland

Ireland: The Luck of the Irish

Ireland and Northern Ireland
Embrace ‘the luck of the Irish’ on this intrepid circumnavigation of the Emerald Isle.

Irelands: Saints, Saviors and Secrets

Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Edinburgh
Meet the famous, infamous, and ‘everyday’ Irish who crafted the story of Ireland, before journeying to the streets of Edinburgh for a taste of Scotland’s own saints, saviors and secrets.
A United Kingdom- The Crown and the Clans

A United Kingdom: The Crown and the Clans

Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England
Discover the intriguing rivalry between the four distinct ‘countries’ of the United Kingdom on this quintessentially British odyssey.
A D Day commemoration- Operation Overlord

A D-Day commemoration: Operation Overlord

London, Normandy, Guernsey, Paris
02 – 10 June 2026
A handcrafted commemoration in honor of those who fought and fell in the D-Day battles of 1944.
Madrid to Marrakech_An Atlantic Adventure

Madrid to Marrakech: An Atlantic Adventure

Spain, Portugal, Morocco
Join us on this epic nautical adventure, where every wave carries the legacy of intrepid seafarers, and every port of call unveils a tale of daring exploration and discovery.
Morocco and Spain_Moor than a Myth

Morocco and Spain: Moor than a Myth

Morocco, Gibraltar, Mallorca, Spain
Follow the captivating narrative of the Moorish Empire, and the Iberian Christians whose cultures collided to forge the kingdoms of Spain and Morocco.
The Rivieras_A Mediterranean Masterpiece

The Rivieras: A Mediterranean Masterpiece

Spain, France, Corsica, Elba, Italy
Inspired by the artists, authors, architects, and actors who have called the ‘Riviera’s’ home, we explore the Mediterranean’s most sought after stretch of coast.
The Amalfi, Sicily and Malta_The Godfather

The Amalfi, Sicily and Malta: The Godfather

Italy, Sicily, Malta
This journey of ‘Godfather proportions’ inspires stories spanning from indulgent emperors to slave uprisings, buried cities to abandoned empires, and former kingdoms to resort towns brimming with wanton excess.
Valletta to Venice_An Adriactic Renaissance

Valletta to Venice: An Adriatic Renaissance

Malta, Croatia, Italy
Discover the Adriatic’s renaissance ahead of the crowds as we uncover the secrets of the curious coastline of Italy and Croatia.
Venice to Dubrovnik_ Eight million and one Dalmatians

Venice to Dubrovnik: Eight Million and One Dalmatians

Italy, Slovenia, Croatia
Embrace the resilience, traditions, and lifestyle of the ‘Dalmatian’ peoples of the Adriatic on this culturally immersive journey along their stunning coast.
Dubrovnik to Athens_The tides of time

Dubrovnik to Athens: The Tides of Time

Croatia, Monte Negro, Albania, Greece
Explore the dynamic coastline of one of Europe’s most diverse regions, revealing enduring legacies that make this corner of the Mediterranean a must-see destination.
Greece Mainland and Islands_’Its all Greek to Me’

Greece Mainland and Islands: 'It's all Greek to Me'


Prepare for a Greek sensory overload on this voyage that serves up everything Greek.
Greece & Turkey_Turkish Delight

Greece & Turkey: Turkish Delight

Greece, Turkey
Delve into Turkey’s enthralling blend of past and present, where our exploration of the Ottoman Empire’s lasting legacy follows a centuries’ old path designed to delight.
Posiedon’s Promise_Sailing the Islands of Greece

Poseidon's Promise: Sailing the Islands of Greece

An eclectic selection of Greek islands
Framed by an exploration of Athens, we sail the nation’s azure waters to unveil the distinct charm of seven Greek islands, culminating in the ultimate Greek island experience.
Classic Greece_to antiquity & beyond

Classic Greece: To Antiquity and Beyond

Historic and modern wonders of Greece
On this voyage, history is not merely a chapter in a book—it is a living, breathing testament to the enduring spirit of Greece, one that we invite you to embrace as we journey to antiquity and beyond.
Athens to Naples- Myths of the Mediterranean

Athens to Naples: Myths of the Mediterranean

Greece, Turkey, Monte Negro, Croatia, Italy, Sicily
Uncover intriguing tidbits and inspiring tales on this epic voyage to the Mediterranean’s legendary kingdoms, mythical islands, and ancient sites.
Traversing ‘the Med’_A Mediterranean Feast

Traversing 'the Med': A Mediterranean Feast

Italy, Corsica, France, Spain, Mallorca, Morocco, Portugal
Journey to lands teeming with traditional delicacies on a voyage ripe with treasures waiting to be tasted.