Whether you are an art aficionado or simply captivated by the beauty of art, our curated experiences at galleries, architectural wonders, and artisan workshops will entice your curiosity.

Essentially an ‘open-air museum’, where ancient cultures left their indelible mark on art and society, Europe beckons with its unparalleled artistic heritage. From the awe-inspiring ruins of Greece to the intricate mosaics of Morocco, the timeless marble sculptures of Florence to the vibrant textiles of Turkey, each destination reveals a chapter in the story of human creativity.

Art in this region reflects an impressive list of influences – Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, and more – all who have shaped a rich and diverse cultural landscape. For travelers, exploring this region means immersing oneself in a living museum, where art and culture serve as windows into the past, connecting us to our shared heritage and fostering a deeper understanding of our fellow man.

Our hand-crafted shore excursions, and expertly designed city stays which frame our voyages, trace the footsteps of artists and artisans from ancient masters to contemporary visionaries. Join us to explore iconic landmarks and hidden gems, the famous and the fabulous and the stories of the empires, religions and dynasties that sponsored the worlds’ greatest artworks. As they say ‘a picture says a thousand words’ so be ready to listen.

Here are some examples of our ‘art’ focused ‘Your Choice’ experiences to paint a palate.

The Rock and Ronda

Spain & Morocco: Moor than a Myth

Gibraltar transcends its tourist façade, emerging as a British military stronghold strategically nestled at the base of the Iberian Peninsula. Steeped in the legacy of the Spanish Succession war, its sovereignty was secured by Sir George Rooke for King George I of England, birthing a protectorate that endures to this day. With a history spanning three centuries of maritime skirmishes, epidemic outbreaks, and global conflicts, Gibraltar is more than just ‘The Rock’ – it’s a living testament to resilience and perseverance. Delve into its storied past this morning before journeying north to Ronda, a picturesque Andalusian town steeped in tales of guerrilla warfare and Moorish dominance. Explore La Mina de Agua, a relic of Ronda’s Islamic heritage, and witness the legacy of bullfighting at Plaza de los Toros, a cultural icon attracting aficionados from across the globe. Conclude your journey in Malaga, where the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains meet the sparkling ocean waters.

The rebirth of Florence

The ‘Rivieras’: A Mediterranean Masterpiece

Accessible to all those who visit, Florence’s works of art are scattered throughout its streets as statues, fountains, chapels and bell towers and all looked down upon by Brunelleschi’s magnificent domed cathedral. Even the gelato is sculpted in Florence. Carved from a single slab of marble, Michelangelo’s David is the ultimate Renaissance man, commissioned as the centerpiece for the city’s main square. Today it sits in its own gallery, but a replica at its original location tells its story almost as well. Our locally guided tour walks us through a day in the life of Renaissance man as we tread the streets where the early artists plied their trade, sought wealthy patron and huddled in backstreet studios to learn from the masters.

Van Gogh’s Arles and Carrières de Lumières

The ‘Rivieras’: A Mediterranean Masterpiece

The most prolific ancient Roman architecture of Provence sits in Arles. We explore its Roman amphitheater, the forum square and Roman circus before leaping forward a few centuries to meet the town’s most tortured soul. Treading the quaint cobbled streets of Arles, one can only wonder what made Vincent Van Gogh so miserable. Inspired by the Provencal light, Van Gogh produced over 300 paintings during his 15 months hereMany of his paintings depict classic sights dotted around town, which we recognise as we follow in his footsteps while the city bares its soul through his paintings. Lunch is enjoyed at a typical Provencal bistro enroute to the spectacle that is Carrières de Lumières. Literally translated as the Quarry of Light, this abandoned quarry hosts a tribute to the numerous artists who once called this region home. A visual display of world-famous paintings envelops us in the world of art, accompanied by musical overtures which match the era.