European cultures encompass a kaleidoscope of traditions, customs, lifestyles, and beliefs, offering a captivating experience for travelers. Its common thread of family first, sets hospitality as a cornerstone of the way of life, ensuring travelers are welcomed with open arms.

Modern-day Europeans may call themselves Italians, Turks, or Germans but many current geo-political borders stem from the last two centuries, crafted by treaties and alliances born out of necessity. Embedded within European societies are roots that run deep, tracking back to ancestral villages and valleys, each brimming with dialects, age-old traditions, and a distinctive ‘way of life’ unique to its heritage. Yet Europe has also evolved. Shaped by waves of emigration from former colonies, and neighboring nations, creating an even more fascinating mix of cultural influences.

For travelers venturing from ‘new countries’ these timeless traditions and modern-day adaptations are a cultural conundrum. In our curated ‘Your Choice’ experiences, we invite you to explore the culturally fascinating, from Salvador Dali’s eccentric Mausoleum, where giant eggs sit rooftop, to a tour focused on the complexities of ‘The Troubles, in Londonderry where a former feud dictates which side of ‘the fence’ you live on. From the story of the townspeople who provided refuge for artists fleeing persecution, to the hilltop village whose century old traditions have crafted the world’s most popular perfumes. Join us as we embark on a journey of Europe’s cultural fabric, which is as diverse as it is enduring.

A truly Roman night out

A Mediterranean Feast & The ‘Rivieras’: A Mediterranean masterpiece

This evening, we welcome you with an event of ancient proportions. The only example of a masonry athletics stadium outside of the Greek world, the Stadium of Domitian languished under the relative anonymity of the church of St Agnese until 1936. Hosting 30,000 spectators the stadium held weekly events under the emperor Domitian’s rule. One of the empires more controversial rulers, Domitian was known for his harshness, luxurious lifestyle, and scandalous behavior. We hear tales of this rebellious ruler from the stadium’s front seats this evening as we dine amongst the ruins of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Tapas hopping in Seville

Spain and Morocco: Moor than a Myth

Spain is a country of night owls. Tonight, we immerse ourselves in the night life of this vibrant city, as we dine ‘Seville style’. We embark on a culinary journey through the heart of Seville, where every bite tells a story of tradition and flavor. We join the Sevillanos and Sevillanas amongst the vibrant tapestry of the city’s tapas scene, savoring the finest Spanish vermouth, indulging in the richness of acorn-fed Iberian ham, and delighting in hot off-the-grill tapas. This walking food tour is not just a gastronomic adventure; it is an invitation to discover the soul of Seville through its delectable offerings. Let the history of Spain’s cured ham unfold at a local jamón store, relish grilled tapas paired with excellent Spanish wine in traditional establishments and unravel the secrets of tapas culture alongside locals. Embrace the joy of discovery and savor every moment and flavor along this captivating journey. 

Life on the land – past and present

Ireland: The Luck of the Irish

We delve into the rural life of the Dingle Peninsula, visiting ‘famine cottages’ and meeting the resilient shepherds and their trusty sheepdogs. Our scenic drive traces the dramatic cliffs of the peninsula before venturing into the farmlands of Dingle, where generations of farmers have weathered storms, disease, and famine. The Kavanagh family’s story mirrors the struggles of 19th-century Ireland, marked by extreme poverty and the devastating impact of the potato blight. Amidst tales of survival, we witness a sheepdog demonstration, marveling at their skillful herding. As we gaze upon the deserted Blasket Islands, evacuated in 1953, we’re reminded of the islanders’ resilience, immortalized in the Blasket Centre’s interactive museum. Their stories, told in ‘real Irish,’ highlight their tenacity, leaving a lasting impression before we return to the ship.