Pack only your sense of adventure because we will provide all the equipment you will need to experience the remarkable underwater world just below the surface in some of the world’s remotest and most pristine destinations. Perhaps discover a mysterious kelp forest where timid creatures seek refuge, encounter curious sea otters and if you’re very lucky hold your breath in the presence of a majestic whale. Be a part of a small group of up to 20 adventurers and create memories and stories to share for years to come.

Our Guides

Our team of experienced guides have over 20 years experience and provide snorkellers with detailed briefings and best practice procedures to ensure a safe snorkelling experience.

How to Book

Contact us or your preferred travel advisor for more information if you would like to include the optional snorkelling activity to your expedition or return the form below. Places are limited.

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Expert Guides

Peter Szyszka

Snorkelling & Diving Supervisor

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Edwin Sargeant

Snorkelling & Diving Guide

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